Venom 2 Electric Bike | LTA Approved | EN15194 | Safety Mark | Free Gift x6 | Free 1 Year Warranty


LTA Approved | Affixed with orange seal | EN15194 certified electric bicycle

Looking for a cheap and affordable model? Venom 2 E-bike from Minimotors is equipped with a 36V 6Ah removable battery that takes around 3 hours to charge fully. This E-bike can cover 60kms of range with a full battery. Dual disk brake with 14″ x 2.125″ wide tube tires makes the ride safe and comfortable.

Main feature:

  • Aluminium Alloy Frame
  • 36V 6Ah Battery, 3 Hours Charge
  • Up to 60 km Distance
  • 250W Brushless Motor
  • 14″ * 2.125″ Tube Tires
  • Fold size is 124 * 45 * 70 cm
  • LED Front Headlight, Rear Brake Light
  • Foldable Stem (Can Carry to Car Trunk)
  • FREE Acrylic Number Plate
  • FREE 6 Gift, FREE 1 Year Warranty (Battery 6 Month Warranty)
  • FREE Lifetime Brakes tuning. (U.P. $15-20/time)
  • FREE Lifetime Shaky Stem Tightening. (U.P $30/time)
  • Add 1 More Extra 6Ah Battery ($198)


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Venom 2 Electric Bike

Getting your first E-bike? Looking for a cheap and affordable model? Look no future, our Venom 2 is a product of long hours of research and development by our technical team. Using the highest grade material yet keeping the cost low, the Venom 2 is currently the most affordable E-bike in the market. A powerful pedal-assist motor requires minimal effort to move off. Multiple add-ons are available for this model. Your options are endless.


25 km/h

36V 6Ah

14" * 2.125"

60 km

100 kg


18.5 kg

Venom 2 Electric Bicycle Details


2-Step Removable Battery Pack

  1. Insert key into the battery locking keyhole and turn the key.
  2. The battery will pop up and you will be able to remove the battery out from the bicycle frame.

Powerful 6Ah Detachable Battery

It takes only 3 hours to fully charge the battery all the way up from the flat. The battery can be locked and remove from the E-bike frame easily.


Venom 2 Frame Design

Our research and development team has designed the E-bike with the future add-on in mind. The current option includes a bottle holder, front basket, child seat, rear basket, etc. There is an endless possibility of what you are able to add on and customise the Venom 2+ to your liking.

Aluminium Alloy Frame

The solid hollow aluminium body has undergone many long hours of research and development to ensure that the E-bike can withstand heavy loads while keeping the unit lightweight.

Powerful 250 Brushless Motor

Pedal assisted motor requires minimal effort going uphill.


Strong LED Light with Horn

Front white LED able to light up the pathway at night. Built-in Horn.

Bright LCD Display Meter

The LCD display unit shows digital speed, 4 Level Assist ( 0 – 3 Level ), Battery Indicator, Front Light On/Off, Mode Switch, Power on/off, Horn.


Rear LED Brake Light


Depressing the brake lever will trigger the rear light to light up. Higher visibility on the road for other road users. It helps to signal the intention of the user that he/she is stopping.



High-quality reflector, easy to prompt pedestrians and vehicles behind/side, it can be visible from far and make you safer to ride at night or raining days.

Small and Nimble

Suitable for both male or female riders, young or old. The Venom 2+ is designed for all users in mind. This E-bike is lightweight and can be carried easily with one hand.

Foldable Stem Design


One Step folding of the Ebike stem ensures that the Venom can be loaded into the boot of a car if you intend to bring it over to the beach or park with your friends/family.

Disk Brake


Powerful braking caliper is a great improvement compared to traditional rubber brakes. They are responsive, depending on how much strength you depress on the brake lever, you will be able to determine the stopping power of this Ebike.



Light weight and easy to remove front and rear fender makes cleaning them hassle-free.

Comparison of Ebike

Model Scorpion Venom 2 Venom 2+

Scorpion Electric Bicycle LTA Approved (Grey)

Venom 2 Electric Bicycle (Orange)

Venom 2+ (Grey)


36V 5.2Ah

36V 6Ah

36V 10Ah (Samsung)

Magnesium Alloy
Aluminium Alloy
250W Gear Motor
250W Brushless Motor
Max. Speed
Gear 1 : 15 km/h
Gear 1: 14 km/h
Gear 2 : 20 km/h
Gear 2: 18 km/h
Gear 3 : 25 km/h
Gear 2: 25 km/h
Charging Time
Up to Range (1)
50 km
60 km
110 km
16" * 1.95" Tube Tires
14" * 2.125" Tube Tires
Fold Part
Body & Stem
Rear Suspension
Seat Suspension
Front/Headlight, Brake Light
19.4 kg
18.2 kg
18.5 kg
Max. Load
120 kg
100 kg
Fold Size
77 * 43 * 60 cm
124 * 45 * 70 cm
Product Size
134 * 55 * 110 cm
129 * 52 * 105 cm
Can be carry to
MRT, Bus, Car
Detachable Battery, LCD Display Meter, Dual Disk Brake, Horn
Safety Cert.
LTA Approved, EN15194, Safety Mark
LTA Approved, EN15194:2017, Safety Mark

(1) Under the condition of full power, the load is 75kg, the temperature is about 25 degree, and the wind is flat on a flat road. It is measured under uniform driving conditions in the first-speed assisted riding mode and other factors.

Know More About

Additional information


Aluminium Alloy


Grey, Orange, White


36V 6A

Charging Time



250W Brushless Motor


Up to 60 km


18 kg

Max Load

120 kg

Speed Change



14" * 2.125" Tube Tires


LED Front Headlight, Rear Brake Light




Front & Rear Disc Brake

Unfold Size

129 * 52 * 105 cm

Fold Size

124 * 45 * 70 cm

Can Be Carry To



Mode Switch, Power on/off, Front Light on/off, Horn, Battery Indicator, 4 Level Assist



Safety Standard

LTA Orange Approval Sealed, EN 15194, Safety Mark

Other Special

Antirust Chain, Detachable Battery, Front Light with Horn, Handlebar Height (Adjustable), LCD Display Meter

SG Warranty

Free 1 Year Warranty (6 Months For Battery)


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