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During Covid Epidemic, many fellows considered indoor or outdoor cycling benefits while the gyms were closed. After staying at home for a long time, the fat began to come back to us unexpectedly.

It will increase our weight, and affect our health, which is important to control our weight to keep our healthy life.

Doing a long-term aerobic exercises like swimming, playing ball, jogging and cycling is the most effective way to maintain our health.

But with the safety distance measures, swimming and ball exercise needs to be booked in advance. Otherwise, we may stay at home (do yoga) or go out running and cycle to maintain it.

The main concern is:

  • History of indoor or outdoor bicycles.
  • Pros and Cons of indoor vs outdoor cycling. Worth buying a spinning bike or a common bicycle?
  • Popular Brands of indoor and outdoor bicycles.

The Pros and Cons of Indoor vs. Outdoor Cycling

Cycling Indoor - Spinning Bike


Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling
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Gymnasticon” The early exercise machine that resembles a stationary bike, invented by Francis Lowndes, designed to exercise in all parts of the body joint for physical therapy purposes.


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Building an indoor training program by Johnny G, after he was almost killed in a nighttime cycling training.


Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling
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The first launch of the Spinning brand, spinning and indoor fitness class became a popular term that comes with cool venues, like adding lighting, music and curriculum on the screen. Bring a wave of sports.

Most Popular Brands of Spinning Bike

Until now, spinning bikes are still recognized as the fitness market need. The usual market price starts from S$120 and up to S$4500.

The most popular brands:
Sole Fitness SB700, FINNLO Speedbike CRT, and KEISER Indoor Bike M3i. 4.0 etc.

Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling

Pros and Cons of Spinning Bike

Indoor cycling is recommended for the people who seek to obtain fast fat burning results in a short time and do not know how to ride a bicycle.



Cycling Outdoor - Bicycle

Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling
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Cycling is an environmentally-friendly mode of exercise, it has been increasing in popularity and safety, especially for short trips to work or to school in Singapore.

Some cyclists would also prefer a light carbon bike or a folding bike to enhance their exercise performance and convenience.

Back to history, Draisienne was the first person to introduce two-wheeled bicycle transportation during the year 1871. But it did not have pedals at that time, so they needed to push the vehicle with their feet on the front wheel.

Popular Brands of Bicycle

After 150 years of history, bicycles are still the market demand, and many mature big brands have been established, such as: Giant, Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, Diamondback, Santa Cruz, Marin, Raleigh, Gt, KINKBmx.

The usual market price starts from S$68 and up to S$12k. Depends on the materials.

Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling
Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling
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Pros and Cons of Bicycle

In the past 150 years, many different types of bicycles have emerged according to the different needs of people. Most people will choose folding bikes, mountain bikes, and road bikes.

  • Folding bikes are recommended for family daily use, and save space after folding.
  • Mountain bikes are recommended for those who enjoy cycling uphill or downhill.
  • Road bikes are recommended for people who like speed.



Indoor Cycling Platform

Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling
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A Bicycle Riding Platform was designed for indoor training and compatible with most bicycle models. It suits those who already own a bicycle and want to cycle indoors.

Cycling on platform exercise would boost your cycling performance with your favourite bicycle and cycling safer. The platform takes smaller space and is easy to use. After use, your bike becomes a dynamic car that can be used by most users.

Some business owners produce multiplayer video games that simulate the actual cycling visual to enhance indoor cyclist entertainment. Gamers can enjoy cycling activities with a big screen at home while doing exercise. Ranking placement encourages players to cycle more frequently.

Popular Brands of Cycling Platform

The popular market brands are RGT, Zwift, TrainerRoad, and Rouvy. Starting price of S$99 to S$1K.

Check out our bicycle riding platform here.

Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling

Pros and Cons of Bicycle



Healthy Life in SG

Singapore is selected as one of the countries with the longest life expectancy at 85+ years old. We can often see people riding bicycles and exercising.

Even during the outbreak, the Singaporean government has not given up on letting citizens not exercise and even exercise outdoors without wearing masks.

And often encourages people to balance work and life. Avoid causing excessive stress in life.

Safety To Ride

Health is important, but safety is also a priority.

We all know about Singapore’s plans for future bicycle routes, the bicycle routes are very safe. LTA is planning to increase cycling paths from today 460km to 1300km by 2030 in Singapore.

You may check out our top 5 cycling routes and during the epidemic period, bicycle regulation.

While cycling on the routes, you must still obey the traffic rules and speed. Violation penalties start from $1000 fine/ 3 months up to $10k+/ 2 years jail, which is very costly.

Cycling Route

Cycling Route Pedestrian Road


More cycling fines penalty details, click here.

Longevity is the winner

Remember to keep a safe distance and control our health during the epidemic. This blog helps you understand the pros and cons of indoor or outdoor cycling.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

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