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Looking for special accessory to your bicycle? How about high-tech helmet or new lightening system to boost your visibility in traffic? Or may be insulated water bottle to quench your thirst? Or just, bottle holder to reduce the hassle while riding.

Whether you are casual rider, daily commuter or pro cyclist, having right bicycle accessories makes cycling more fun.

Do I need all this stuff to ride?

Short answer: No, but all you need to have fun is to ride a bicycle somewhere. Still, you fall in love with cycling there might be probable situations where you might encounter situations like flat tire, blazing hot day, or need a snack. Where the right bicycle accessories will prove helpful at right time. Remember it is all about timing!

So, consider what type of accessories you might require based on possible situations that might arise along the road.


Here at Minimotors, we just don’t give more importance to core product cycles itself but we help our customers to pick the right bicycle accessories for a fuss-free ride while purchasing cycle. We listed our top 10 picks in accessories for bicycle that will make your ride comfortable and easy.


Cycling without helmet and safety can be rather dangerous at times. Prolong exposure to the sun’s ray can harm your eyes at days and might be little dangerous when you are riding at night without warning light.

GUB City Plus Helmet With Taillight has a good airing function with air holes, and good protective performance to make it has been specially designed for the athlete’s endurance provides robust protection. An internal EPS shock release system was introduced in and we used aramid yarns to increase strength. In addition to this it comes up with warning light, great help when riding at night.

Bicycle Accessory that can be used both in day and night, interesting right……!

Note: It is compulsory to wear helmet while riding. More information about how to choose a safety helmet….click here


Rear Light With Turn Signal

Safety is a priority for all cyclers, with The Rockbros R1 rear light indicator is perfect for all road users. With the built-in wireless turn signal feature, you will be able to indicate in advance your intention to make a turn. The wireless remote is easy to mount onto any handlebar of your device. Perfect for E-Bike, E-scooter, bicycle, motorcycle, and even wheelchair users.

It also has other features such as the blinking hazard light. If you are ever caught in a situation of having your device pulled over to the side due to a flat tire or if there is a danger ahead. This blinking hazard light safety feature will create awareness for other road users to be mindful of what is ahead.


Lastly, it shoots two parallel laser beams onto the ground behind you creating a dedicated bicycle path. With the two-beam of bicycle path, it will increase your visibility at night and prompt other road users to stay a safe distance clear from you. 

This can be smart purchase in bicycle accessory.

Smart Lock

Bike theft is a really unfortunate part of cycling. No one wants to be the victim, but it happens, and a good bike lock can help to protect you.


The smart bicycle accessory, smart fingerprint unlocking is a more secure and convenient way of locking cycles. Easy to use easy to carry. Takes less than a second to unlock. It supports both fingerprint and physical key unlocking. 

The one with looks and smart bicycle accessory.

Water Bottle Holder

It is important to stay hydrated when you are out riding. Your body uses water when it is sweating to regulate your body temperature. So, you will need to replenish the lost fluid by drinking plenty of water. Being exhausted and dehydrate can sometimes cause you to have delay reaction time.

Having a bottle holder on your bicycle makes reaching for it accessible. You do not need to waste time fumbling about trying to reach for the bottle. Check the right fit for your cycle from our collection. This is must included bicycle accessory.


Front Light

Most bike accessories are designed to keep you safe when on the road and bike lights are the best. This Rockbros front light is specially designed for bikers riding at night for more visibility and reducing the risk further.


Easy to install, USB charging option, small and portable, five gear options (high, medium, low, SOS, strobe)

Rear Light

One of the most popular bike accessories is bike lights. It is a legal requirement for cyclists to have a white headlight on the front of their bikes and a red taillight on the rear when riding at night. If you are going to be cycling on roadsides during the dark weather, then you need to purchase Rockbros Rear Light Q5.


 Small and compact at 55g, Rockbros Q5 rechargeable rear tail light can be used on any E-bike, E-scooter, or bicycle. With a single click on the center button, you can change the light from steady to flashing to strobe to breathing mode quickly.

Phone Holder

Use GPS hands-free, track your workout, or make a call while you ride.


We simply love the simplicity and the minimalistic design of this phone holder. The phone holder has an adjustable dial located at the side of the clamping arm.  It comes with 4 sticky soft paddings that you can stick on to all 4 corners of the clamp to prevent the clamp from damaging your phone. And we think this is the essential bicycle accessory.

Electric Horn with Light

Embarrassed with putting a dorky little bell on your bike? This Rockbro QD450 bicycle accessory cleverly hides the electric horn into the light. The electric horn is splash-proof. It has a built-in 1800mah rechargeable lithium cell. It takes less than 2 hours to fully charge this device using the USB cable.


The horn is pretty loud, at 120dB, you can hear the horn from 2 lamp post distance away. Did we mention that it is an alarm as well? Sensitive to any vibration when the alarm is armed, it can deter any potential threats when you parked your bicycle and turned your back to grab your food from the coffee shop.


Cycling with a bunch of stuff in your side pocket can be rather irritating sometimes. If the pockets are not deep enough, the chances of your precious phone/wallet falling out are pretty high.


We recommend this Rhinowalk bag bicycle accessory because it is spacious enough and has a removable side sling feature. The bag has 3 velcro straps at the back that you can secure to any bicycle handlebar. The shoulder strap makes it easy for you to carry your stuff around, it takes less than 5 seconds to attach them on and you can carry it with you as a sling bag. The bag is spacious enough to fit a regular iPad. The bag also comes with a waterproof cover to protect the contents inside from getting wet. 

Foot Pedal

There’s nothing more important than your feet when cycling. That may sound like a grandiose claim, but you generate hundreds of thousands of pedal strokes in any given ride. And how do you deliver effort? Through your feet, of course.

We recommend you, Eroade Foot pedal with ultra-light pedal made from Strong Aluminium alloy Equipped with Double Sided Anti-Slip nails and wided surface area makes for a effortless riding experience in any weather conditions.

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