Rockbros Aluminum Waterproof Bicycle LED Front Light V9C-400BK


Rockbros Aluminum Waterproof Bicycle LED Front Light V9C-400BK

Small yet powerful headlight. 3 lighting mode + 1 blinking feature. Splash Proof. USB Rechargable battery.

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6063 Aluminium Casing

Bulb Type


Effective Distance



10 * 3.4 * 2.3 cm






Yes, USB


120 g



Light Color


Light Level

High, Low, Middle, SOS



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  1. I was looking for a front light that I could use for urban/city cycling; although most areas are lit with lamposts, there are some dark areas and park connectors that really needed a front light.

    I tested this light with the lowest setting at 100 lumens as a base test. I could see up to roughly 8m of road in front of me in very dark areas, when switched to the full 400 lumens it was more than 50m of visible road in front of me in the same conditions under the average cycling speed of 12 – 15kph. Beam pattern is fairly spread out around 85 degrees with a spot centre, definitely better than using a torchlight with a focused beam.

    I have seen various reviews on this model under different brands on YouTube before getting it and I believe currently they have updated the mounting system. The old model had a plastic tab that flexed when pressed to release the light from the mount; the newer mount has a spring loaded plastic tab to release the light. This reduces the chances of the tab breaking off in the long run. The male/female mounts are also reversed. The light slightly moved under bumpy conditions(tilted down, front heavy), I have tightened the plastic screw mount further to try to prevent it slipping again. The best type of mount would still be a metal bolt and nut in my experience.

    One of the reasons I got this light because it has the option to change out the 18650 battery if it gets old/spoilt via the back compartment of the light. This reduces the waterproofing rating compared to the other models but it should be fine if just subjected to normal wet weather conditions. A bit of soldering/shrink wrap work may be needed to change out the battery for replacing though. The circuitry is fairly close to the led itself; although the max is only 400lm, I hope it doesn’t get burn out in the long run due to the heat.

    I have let the light run on max brightness and the duration exceeds the stated 2.5hrs runtime. It lasted roughly 3hrs before the blue power button changed to a flashing red light for 15 mins and then it automatically shut off. The build quality is excellent and solid although only time will tell if the internal circuitry will last through repeated charging and usage.

    It is a very good light but one area of improvement could have the lit power button change colour according to battery life left (green – blue – yellow – red), otherwise there is no notice of how much battery juice left until it starts to flash red.

    Overall I would accurately give it 4.5 stars.

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