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The Promend Aluminium Bicycle Pedal R-97 is one of the safest pedals out there in the market. A group of professional have spend years trying to build the safest and can be used in competition for professional cyclists or just a normal ride in the park as well, The R-97 have alot of benefits such as

Benefit 1: improves driving stability. The main use to improve driving stability and fix the foot and pedal position is to fix the foot position on the pedal. First of all, you can correct the original position due to poor personal posture. Second, you can ensure that your foot will not move on the pedal.

Benefit 2: Increase the efficiency of the trampoline Increase the efficiency of the trampoline and the driving effect is doubled with half the effort. This is the most reasonable advantage. Card shoes help riders advance in a more labor-saving manner, especially uphill.

Benefit 3: Correct bad posture, fixed in one position to avoid your legs to get injured or strained after a long ride . If most sports are the same, you should also pay attention to posture when cycling, so as not to cause sports injury. Correct posture will boost your driving efficiency and make you more comfortable over long distances; Long-term bad posture is a big concern, affecting not only the muscles of the upper limbs, but also damage to the knee. Since the rider’s foot plate is forced to fix on the pedal by fixed type, the flesh palm of the foot board corresponds directly to the center of the pedal, the knee is vertical to the foot plate, and the right position of the pedal does not damage the ball joint.

Benefit 4: Protect the safety of cyclists. Cyclists wearing normal shoes should pay attention to the fact that sometimes when driving at high speed, their feet are more likely to slide off the pedals, which leads to the deviation of the center of gravity of their whole body to ride and fall from the rails. This situation is especially prone to occur when getting off, which is very dangerous! The R-97 locking piece make sures the safety of the rider/cyclists by locking it to the pedal and not falling off during a ride or when getting off the bike. It can also let the cyclist cycle faster without concerning about his safety.

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