Michelin Road Bike Bicycle Cycling PRO4 SERVICE COURSE 700 x 25C (1pc)


Michelin PRO4 700x25C black
COMPETITION For the rider in search of efficiency, puncture protection and high grip: +30 % better grip on wet ground on average compared to the main competitor.
The MICHELIN PRO4 Service Course offers the best performances for competition with excellent grip, excellent anti-puncture protection and exceptional rider efficiency!
Low rolling resistance, excellent resistance to wear and a better grip thanks to the Bi-Compound technology. Two rubber compunds in one tread: In the centre a rubber mix to give more rigidity and on the shoulder area a rubber compound to give good grip when cornering. Excellent protection against punctures thanks to a High Density-Protection ply on top of the casing.

HD-Protection puncture ply: +10 % better resistance to punctures on average compared to the main competitor!
New casing ply – 3X110 TPI
Tread area is our “Bi compound” technology: +30 % better grip on wet ground on average compared to the main competitor Lateral tread width optimised for improved grip when cornering

Color: black
Width: 25-622 mm
Width: 700×25 inch
Tringle: Soft
Weight: 215 g
TPI: 110
Pressure: 5/7.5 bar
Pressure: 73/105 psi

HD Protection consists of crossed textile High Density reinforcement.

The technology HD Protection consists of textile crossed reinforcements of High Density
The HD Protection technology ensures the best compromise between excellent puncture resistance and low rolling resistance, without penalizing the weight of tyres especially for competition.

MICHELIN Bi-Compound
Bi-compound – two different rubber compounds in the tread area.

The Technology Bi-compound, has two different rubber compounds within the tread area.
The rubber compound in the centre of the tread assures the optimal transmission of torque, that traction when pedaling or when braking. These rubber compounds are designed and optimised to increase resistance to wear, but also help braking safely on wet ground.
The rubber compound at the shoulder area of the tread brings maximum performance and safety when leaning into a curve or turn giving exceptional levels of grip on dry as well as wet surfaces.

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