Michelin COUNTRY RACE’R Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Tires 27.5 x 2.1 (1pc)


MICHELIN is a famous tire company with its headquarters in France. In 1891, Michelin made the detachable inflatable tire, which led the world from solid tires to inflatable tires. You’re all familiar with Michelin tires. In 2012, Michelin bicycle tires officially entered the Chinese market, hitting the middle and high-end market of bicycle tires. Michelin has long marketed bicycle tyres in many countries. Now, in time for Michelin’s 120th anniversary, it’s bicycle tyres have officially entered the Chinese mainland. Michelin bicycle tire positioning in the middle and high grade, the characteristics of its products mainly in the possession of good grip; Lighter weight; Good stabbing resistance. At the same time, Michelin has a very strong bicycle tire research and development ability, can develop useful bicycle tire products.
Specification Model: COUNTRY RACE’R
Size: 27.5 * 2.1, 29 * 2.1
Weight: 27.5 * 2.1 approx. 720 g / unit 29 * 2.1 approx. 740 g / unit
Color: black
Applicable pavement: Sand and concrete pavement with super strong earth performance and fast rolling resistance
High quality and low cost!
The tread on the Michelin race’r field has been optimized to improve a fairly stiff grip performance
Low tread distribution across the entire tread (very good performance).
Diamond patterned blocks are set in the 45-way direction for more edge contact and grip.
High-tech tread design, enjoy at low price

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27.5 X 2.1




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