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The Scorpion features a powerful, 250W brushless motor powered by a lithium battery outputting a maximum travel range of 60km topping out at 25km/h with disc brakes and fold-able for storage, the scorpion is a great commuter.

Other than that, Scorpion also come with removable battery pack, it can be easy for replacement and charging. Frame Material by Magnesium alloy frame, much lighter than aluminum alloy. Unique streamlined design, dynamic fashion. Magnetic wheel, allows for compacted folding.

Pre-order Now Scorpion 36V 5.2Ah ($999)! The price will change back to $1099 after 31/12/2019. Add 1 More Extra External Battery (100SGD), Promotion Only for Pre-order Now, Retails Price is 180 SGD.

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Scorpion Folding Electric Bike Series, the top choice for commute and leisure travel. Powerful motor and large capacity battery ensure you are trip perfect. Pedal assist making it legal on the roads. Folding design with lightweight body, convenient to store and portable to carry everywhere and use it anytime. Bright light, loud horn and double-disc braking in rear tire, ensuring your riding safety.

Scorpion Features

Scorpion Details

Removable Battery Pack

This design make you easy for replacement and charging. You can buy extra extension battery for prepare the powerless condition also. Other than that, the Battery Pack is small and light to carry everywhere.

2 Ways to Charge

Option 1: Charge from Frame

Uncover silicon lid to charge from charging port of bike frame. 

Option 2: Charge from Battery Pack

Pull out battery box to charge, instead of moving the bike.

Powerful Battery

4 hours Fast Charge Technology, Battery can be lockable and removable.

Under Voltage Protection

Display low battery in advance and stop working to protect battery cells from damage

Short Circuit Protection

Monitor the circuit in real time to prevent the circuit from overheating

Working Temperature Protection

Real-time monitoring, the temperature will stop working if it is not in the working range

Overcharge Protection

When the charging voltage is too large, the battery stops charging by itself

Power Equalization Output

Keep it full of power and stable driving at all times

Current Stability Protection

Stable current output to ensure the stability of the entire circuit

Scorpion Frame Design

The design of the frame is inspired by the running cheetah. It has both streamline and strong muscle, which is full of sports sense. The frame process adopts magnesium alloy die-casting technology, which breaks through the traditional welding process and ensures that the whole electric bicycle has no welds.

Foldable structure with magnetic holder making it suitable for all public transports.

Magnesium Alloy Frame

The frame material is magnesium alloy, which is 1/3 lighter than aluminum alloy and has better shock resistance. Magnesium alloy made the Scorpion more attractive and more affordable.

Bright LCD Display

Accurate battery display, Accumulated mileage, Adjust the gear, Power On/Off, All in one LCD Display with back light, no need to worry about the invisible display under the sun.

Button Instruction

Button M : Long press 3 seconds to turn on/off.

Button + : Long press to turn on/off light; Short press to increases speed grade.

Button – : Short press to decrease speed grade.

Powerful Gear Motor

Powerful Motor can help you climb the slope more easily and fast response when you start.

Strong LED Light

Powerful LED front light, shed your path clearly bring you home safely at night or raining day.

Backseat Reflector

High quality reflector, easy to prompt pedestrians and vehicles at behind, it can be visible from far and make you safer to ride at night or raining days.

Tire Reflector

Tire reflector in front and rear tire, easy to prompt pedestrians and vehicles at side, it can be visible and make you safer to cross the road at night or raining days.

Multiple Riding Mode

Human Riding (Gear 0 – 1)

It can be used like an ordinary bicycle and can be used for cycling, fitness, and exercise without charging.

Grade 0: Pure Riding without Power Support

Grade 1: Low Speed, Max Around 10 km/h

Boost Cycling (Gear 2)

Easy to ride, save time and energy, save long battery life, and increase the output of pedaling strength by 0% -50%.

Grade 2: Middle Speed, Max Around 15 km/h

Electric Riding (Gear 3)

Help at full speed, enjoy easy cruise without manpower and climbing.

Grade 3: High Speed, Max Around 25 km/h




Product NameScorpion
Frame MaterialMagnesium Alloy Frame
Color AvailableBlack Green Grey White Orange
Weight18 kg
Unfold Size133 * 104 cm
Fold Size64 * 77 * 43 cm
Max Load120 kg
Battery36V 5.2Ah
BrakeDual Disc Brake
AcceleratorHand Control / Foot Pedal
Charging Time3H
Motor36V 250W
Range Per PowerUp to 60 km
Max Speed25km/h
Max Climbing Degree20 degree
Tire Type 16″ Front & Rear Tube
SuspensionBack Suspension
WaterproofIPX54, (IPX7 for core components)
LightLED Front Headlight, Rear Light
AdjustableSeat & Stem
SpecialHD Smart Display Meter, Detachable Battery, Antirust Chain, Can be Fold
Safety StandardLTA Orange Approval Sealed, Safety Mark, EN 15194


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