Rockbros Rear Tailight with Turn Signal and Laser Lane Indicator LKWD-R1


Rear light indicator with wireless remote. Laser light to mark bike lane Rear light / Turn Signal / Hazard Light Signal / Splash Proof / Quick Release / Under Saddle Rear Mount.

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  • Can be mounted on the saddle (seat) or seat post and adjusted angle.
  • 5 meters wireless remote control turn signal and light mode.
  • IPX4 water resistance.
  • USB rechargeable 2000mAh battery.
  • Streamlined and laser light.

Material: Plastic

Bulb Type: Bulb Type

Effective Distance: 5m

Dimension: 11 x 4 x 2.7 (cm)

Lumens: 85

Battery: 2000mah

Working Life: 1000 times / 5000Hours

Rechargable: Yes, USB

Weight: 125g

Color: Black

Light Color: Brake Light (Red) / Turn Signal (Yellow) / Laser Line (Red)

Other Special: Rear light / Turn Signal / Hazard Light Signal / Splash Proof / Quick Release

R1 Wireless Remote Control Turning Laser Light

R1 Wireless Remote Control Turning Laser Light is global first streamline designed bicycle rear light. By controller fixed on the handlebar, cyclists can easily operate rear light functions, such as turning right, turning left, stop alarm, laser etc. Supply great safetly for city cycling at night time and help cyclists avoid the risk. This product is equipped the environmental light detection function, which can control the light on/off on day and night.

Turn Light Indicator

Press the turn button once to turn and press again to return to the steering mode. (Auto-reverse and forward mode after one minute). Left Turn Signal and Right Turn Signal.

2 Laser Modes

Short press the on / off button of the laser light to switch modes and switches. Flashing Mode and Always Bright Mode.

3 Warning Light Modes

Long press the switch button switch, short press the switch button to switch modes. Scroll Mode, Flashing Mode, Always Bright Mode.

The world’s first streamlined design taillight, beautiful, elegant, and practical.

R1 rear light indicator is perfect for all road users. With the built-in wireless turn signal feature, you will be able to indicate in advance your intention to make a turn. The wireless remote is easy to mount onto any handlebar of your device. Perfect for E-Bike, E-scooter, bicycle, motorcycle and even wheelchair users.

R1 also have other feature such as the blinking hazard light. If you are ever caught in a situation of having your device pulled over to the side due to a flat tire or if there is a danger ahead. This blinking hazard light safety feature will create awareness for other road user to be mindful of what is ahead.

R1 is also able to shoot two parallel laser beam onto the ground behind you creating a dedicated bicycle path. With the two beam of bicycle path, it will increase your visibility at night and prompt other road user to stay a safe distance clear from you.

R1 has 2 methods of mounting. You may either clamp the mounting bracket under the saddle seat or strap the mounting bracket onto a cylindrical pole. The mounting bracket has a quick release lever that will aid you in removing the rear light if you need to charge the device up.

R1 has a 2000mAh lithium rechargeable battery built inside. It can be charged using USB cable, simple and easy to use. It takes about 2~3hrs to fully charge this device up. And it has a max run time of approx 5hrs of continuous use.

Wireless Remote Control​

The small remote control fixed to the handlebar makes it easy to control the tail light Provide strong safety guarantee for the night city cycling. The Remote control uses CR2030 Battery, which can be used for one year under normal circumstances.

Angle Adjustment

Taillights can be adjusted up and down at large angles so that the laser line forms a controllable distance

Convenient USB Charging

Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery can be charged via USB socket. Simple and convenient. Approx. 5 hours after fully charged.

IPX4 Water Resistance

Suitable for light to moderate rain, do not soak in water

Triple Warning for Night Riding

Turn Left/Right Indicator Lights, Brake Lights, Side Laser Lines.

Laser Safety Line​

Laser trajectories projected by the two wings of the body to ensure riding safety, and extend the safety range to warn other vehicles. Laser emission distance of about 5 meters.

Auto Ambient Light Detection

It will automatically turn off and enter to standby mode during the day. Lights up automatically when crossing a tunnel or night environment.

Detail Highlights

Not guaranteed if the fragile sticker is damage

Tailight Power Switch

Micro USB Charging Socket

Installation Display

Quick Release Installation

Insert the taillight into the holder in the direction of the arrow.

Mounted On Seatpost​

Step 1

Stick the foam on the seatpost

Step 2

Fix the Holder on the foam

Step 3

Insert the taillight into the frame in the direction shown above

Step 4

Finish Installation

Mounted On Seat

Step 1

Use two screws to link the upper and lower fixing pieces.

Step 2

Carbon tight screws for Taillight mounting

Step 3

Insert the taillight into the holder in the direction Shown

Step 4

Finish Installation


Additional information



Bulb Type

Regular LED

Effective Distance



11 * 4 * 2.7 cm





Working Life

1000 times / 5000 hours


Yes, USB


125 g



Light Color

Brake Light (Red), Laser Line (Red), Turn Signal (Yellow)

Light Level

Always Bright, Flash, Scoll



Other Special

Angle Adjustable, Laser Lane, Light Sensing, Turn Signal, Wireless Remote


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