Minimotors Affiliate Program

First Time Guide

First Time Login As Minimotors Affiliates

1. Log in
2. Go to [My Affiliates Home] – you can find at Footer under “Program”
3. Click the [Review Terms and Get Started!]

4. Read and Agree the Contract Terms

5. Submit the Payment Methods

6. Now would be a great time to go pick some creatives and get started.

Get The Referral URL link

Log in > Go to [My Affiliates Home] > Creatives > Copy the link under “Your Affiliate Link Using Affiliate ID” > Start Your Creatives Promote

Get The Referral URL Link From A Product Page

Log in > Go to [My Affiliates Home] > Creatives > Referral URL Generator > Enter any URL from this site in the form below to generate a referral link > Click Generate Referral URL button > and copy the a new referral URL that come out at bottom > Start Your Creatives Promote

My Affiliates Home

You can check all data at [My Affiliates Home], Overview the visitors click, the sales, payment history, creatives, edit profile.